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Vacuum tube of the solar water heater is used to absorb the solar energy, and it mainly contains the inner and outer glass tubes which are made of extremely strong borosilicate glass 3.3. There are two kinds of coating layers, Al/A/Al type and AlN/SS/Cu type. Detailed information is shown in the diagram.

Technical Parameters
TubeStandard tube (normal tube)Tri-tube (three high tube)
SpecificationModel 47×15Model 58×18Model 47×15Model 58×18
Outer Tube Diameter47mm58mm47mm58mm
Inner Tube Diameter37mm47mm37mm47mm
Glass Thickness
for Inner Tube
Glass Thickness
for Outer Tube
Glass MaterialBorosilicate Glass 3.3
Coating MaterialAl-A-AlAl-A-AlAlN-SS-CuAlN-SS-Cu
Coating PositionOuter surface of inner tube
Absorption Ratio≥ 91%≥ 91%≥ 94%≥ 94%
Reflection Ratio≤ 7%≤ 7%≤ 6%≤ 6%
Vacuum Degree3.0T2 -3Pa3.0T2 -3Pa8.0T2 -4Pa8.0T2 -4Pa
Thermal Expansion Coefficient3.3×10-6/℃
Stagnation Parameter220m2 ℃/kW
Average Heat Loss
Maximum Pressure0.6MPa
Minimum Endurable Temperature–35℃–35℃–40℃–40℃
Hailstone Endurable (Diameter)Less than D25mm
Maximum Endurable Temperature270℃270℃300℃300℃
  • Solar Evacuated TubeTube with mirror inside
  • Solar Evacuated TubeThree target tube
  • Solar Evacuated TubeNormal tube

Normal tube and three target tube are provided by us now, and they both contain two models which are model 47×15 and model 58×18, and the thickness of inner and outer tubes of these four types is 1.6mm. The coating layers are all on the outer surface of the inner tube, and the normal tube adopts Al-A-Al layer while the three target type adopts AlN-SS-Cu layer. In addition, the absorption ratio of the three target type is over 94% which is higher than the normal type. Furthermore, the endurable temperature of the normal type varies from -35℃ to 270℃, and the number of three target type ranges from -40℃ to 300℃.

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