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Solar Vacuum Tube

Solar vacuum tube , made of glass, is used to convert solar energy into heat energy, and then heat up the water in the tank. It consists of inner and outer glass tubes, selective absorbance layer of sunlight, vacuum interlayer, spring holder and getter, etc. It is designed with one side open, and the annular nozzles of inner and outer tubes are sealed together. The other side of the inner tube is an airtight hemispherical head, and the spring holder is designed to support the hemispherical head to the inner side of the outer one, thus the hemispherical head becomes a free end for heat expansion caused by the temperature rise when the coating layer absorbs sunlight, and the thermal stress in the open end of the vacuum heat collector is released. Once the vacuum tube is heated, the trace amount of air absorbed on the tube wall which is mainly composed of steam will evaporate in the air, and the vacuum degree is lowered. The getter and the air-absorbing thin film are designed to absorb this kind of gas, and the high-vacuum environment is maintained.

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