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Non Pressure Solar Water Heater
Technical Parameters
ModelAperture Area
Tank and
Capacity (L)
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Detailed Information
Model: JNNP
Inner Tank: SUS304 or SUS316
Outer Tank: 0.4mm color steel or stainless steel
Frame: 1.5mm coated galvanized steel/stainless steel/aluminum alloy
Collector: 58-1800mm/47-1500mm vacuum tube
Insulation Layer: 50mm~60mm polyurethane foam
Tilted Angle: 27°/30°/45°
Test Pressure: 50kpa
Hailstone Resistance in Diameter: Less than D25mm
Capacity: 100L to 300L

Non pressure solar water heater whose full name is directly inserting type full glass vacuum tube solar water heater, can't bear pressure due to the O-ring seal between vacuum tube and water tank. It is the most economical type of solar systems for hot water application. This solar water heater should be used in the non pressure situation, and it relies on the natural circulation of water between the tube and the tank. There are inlet/outlet pipe and overflow pipe under the tank. If the tank is filled with water, the water will flow through the overflow pipe and warning message is sent, also, the water feeding valve needs to be turned off. When using this product, the hot water will flow through the inlet/outlet pipe because of the gravity effect, and at this time, the overflow pipe is mainly used to supply air. There is water in the vacuum tube, thus the water in the tank will spill out under the condition that one tube is broken. In addition, electric heater can be installed to guarantee the hot water supply when it is rainy or cloudy.

The JNNP series of non pressure solar water heater has more than 10 models including JNNP-47-1500-15, JNNP-47-1500-18, JNNP-58-1800-12, and JNNP-58-1800-15, etc. Among these products, the minimum aperture area is 1.48m2, while the maximum value can reach up to 4.14m2. In addition, JNNP-47-1500-15 has the smallest size, 0.42m3 for 100L, and 0.43m3for 130L, respectively. JNNP-58-1800-30 takes up a volume of 0.99m3, and it possesses the biggest water tank which can contain 300L water.

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