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  • Solar Water Heater with Assistant Tank
  • Solar Water Heater with Assistant Tank

Solar water heater with assistant tank is scientifically designed and it is very popular in the international market. The cold water can flow through the assistant tank and fill into the main tank. When the main tank of our solar water heater is full, the floating ball in the assistant tank rises and the water channel is blocked, thus the water feeding process is stopped. If the hot water in the main tank is used, the water level will descend, and the floating ball drops down, thus the water channel is open again, and the cold water will flow into the heater automatically. In this way, the circulation is formed, and the hot water will be supplied continuously.

Detailed Information
Model: JNNP
Inner Tank: SUS304 or SUS316 (315mm/360mm)
Outer Tank: 0.4mm color steel or stainless steel (420mm/460mm)
Frame: 1.5mm galvanized steel/stainless steel/aluminum alloy
Collector: 58-1800mm/47-1500mm vacuum tube
Insulation Layer: 50mm~60mm polyurethane foam
Tilted Angle: 27°/30°/45°
Capacity (with assistant tank): 100L to 300L

Solar water heater with assistant tank possesses main and assistant tanks, and the inner tank and outer shell are made of high quality materials to ensure the purity of water inside and the corrosion-proof property of the shell, thus our product owns a long service life. The assistant tank supplies water to the heater by a mechanical way and the water feeding channel will automatically turned off when the main tank is full of water. The floating ball in the assistant tank is durable and has passed relevant detections. Furthermore, the insulating layer is produced following strict foaming process, and the foaming layer is uniform with high density, and the pores are eliminated, thus the thermal insulating property is guaranteed.

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