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Preheated Solar Water Heater

Technical Parameters
ModelAperture Area
Tank and Tube Capacity (L)Dimension (m3)Loading Quantity

Detailed Information
Model: JNCP
Inner Tank: SUS304 or SUS316
Outer Tank: 0.4mm color steel or stainless steel
Frame: 1.5mm galvanized steel/stainless steel/aluminum alloy
Collector: 58-1800mm/47-1500mm vacuum tube
Insulation Layer: 50mm~60mm polyurethane foam
Tilted Angle: 27°/30°/45°
Capacity (with 5L assistant tank): 200L to 300L
Copper Coil Length (inside the main tank): 30m

1. Exhaust pipe
2. Hot water outflow
3. Inflow
4. Hot water adjust
5. Copper coil for heat exchange
6. Tank
7. Electric heater
8. Roof
9. Circulation pump
10. Tool for heat exchange

The vacuum tube of the preheated solar water heater absorbs and converts solar energy into heat, then the heat is transferred to the main tank, and the copper coil inside the main tank is used as the heat exchanger. The main tank is designed to store the heat only, and the heater works with pressure inside the coils. When our preheating solar water heater works, the cold water flows through the long and hot copper coil, thus it will absorb the heat and at last the cold water is heated up, and hot water is supplied continuously by the outlet pipe very soon. In addition, the hot water channel and cold water channel are separated from each other. Based on these, our product can supply fast and convenient hot water service for you.

The JNCP series of preheated solar water heater contains four models which are JNCP-58-1800-20, JNCP-58-1800-24, JNCP-58-1800-30 and JNCP-58-1800-36. The water tanks of these four models can store 200L, 240L, 300L and 360L water, respectively. JNCP-58-1800-20 has the lowest water tank capacity of 200L, smallest aperture area of 2.92m2, and it takes up only 0.74m3which is also the smallest among the four models. Meanwhile, the aperture area of JNCP-58-1800-36 is as large as 5m2, thus the rapid heating up process can be achieved.

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