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Compact Integrated Solar Water Heater

The JNIP series of compact integrated solar water heater solve the problem of low water pressure which exists in the non pressure system. The vacuum tube absorbs solar energy, converts it into heat, and then the heat is transferred to heat pipe by aluminum fin. Finally, the heat is transferred to the water in the tank, thus hot water is supplied.

Technical Parameters
ModelAperture Area
Tank and Tube Capacity (L)Dimension (m3)Loading Quantity

1. Hot vapour rises to heat pipe tip
2. Copper heat pipe
3. Aluminum fin
4. Medium liquid
5. Cooled vapour liquefies and returns to the bottom of pipe to repeat cycle
6. Air vent
7. Insulating layer
8. Inner tank
9. Inlet
10. Outlet

The vacuum tube in this solar water heater is designed to work independently, and no water exists in the tube, thus the heater is still able to work well even if one tube breaks down. The heater is able to work under the pressure of 0.6Mpa, so it possesses a much thicker inner tank than the non pressure type. The minimum thickness is 1.0mm, and usually 1.2mm 3042B stainless steel is adopted to produce the inner tank. The outer tank is made of 0.4mm color steel or stainless steel. Meanwhile, pressure reducing valve is used to protect the heater from too high pressure and magnesium bar with special design is also equipped to avoid dust. In addition, we take advantage of three kinds of material to manufacture the framework which are 1.5mm galvanized steel, 1.2mm stainless steel, or 2.0mm aluminum alloy. The installation angle can be set at 27°, 30°, or 45°. Also, our product can be mounted with reflectors made of stainless steel or aluminum.

Compact integrated solar water heater is able to set the cold and hot water at a constant temperature, thus the problem of water temperature changing irregularly caused by the mismatch between natural pressure and tap water pressure is solved. This phenomenon is often seen in the non pressure type heater. Meanwhile, our product also overcomes the shortcomings of low mounting position, low water pressure, and the overflow of water caused by the failure of water level control switch in the tank.

This solar water heater contains 5 models, and the tank capacities are 130L, 150L, 165L, 200L, and 250L, respectively. They are all designed with big aperture area, so the heat up process is very fast. Meanwhile, our products are very durable with excellent frost resisting property, and bearing pressure and adding water in spite of season and time are also accepted. Furthermore, the heater of integrated type possesses bigger size, and a 20'GP container can load 29 sets of JNIP-1800-30 at one time.

Jineng is an experienced compact integrated solar water heater manufacturer, based in China. Our products include U-Pipe solar collector, split solar water heating system, solar evacuated tube, and more.

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