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The solar water heater can be divided into two types according to the structure which are split type and integrated type. The integrated solar water heater insert vacuum tubes into water tank directly and water in the tank is heated by the heating circulation. This method is adopted by most of the manufacturers, and it is the most common type. There are mainly three models of the solar water heater, non pressure type, integrated pressurized type, and preheating type.

Selective absorbance layer for sunlight is coated on the surface of the inner glass tube in the solar water heating system by special technology to collect solar energy as much as possible. The coated layer is also called nano purple gold interference film. When exposed to the sunshine, the photons will crash into the coating layer and the solar energy is converted into heat, then the heat is directly transferred to the water in the tank by heat pipe, or the water absorbs heat from the outer side of the layer. Thus, the temperature of the water is growing higher, and the density is reduced, then the hot water will move upwards while cold water with higher density will descend. In this way, the hot water is always on the top side, that is, in the water tank. So, the heat up effect of the water mainly depends on the sunlight rather than the ambient temperature.

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