Split Pressurized Solar Water Heating System

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Split Pressurized Solar Water Heating System

Working Principle
The cold water flows into the solar water storage tank of our split solar water heating system directly and is stored there. The solar collector absorbs sunlight and converts it into heat energy, thus the temperature of medium in the heat pipe becomes higher. Meanwhile, the sensors will detect the temperature in collector and water tank, and then send the data to the intelligent controller. The microcomputer system will process the data and under the condition that the temperature difference reaches the setting value, the circulating pump starts to work. So, the medium in the collector is transferred into the coil in the tank which is used to exchange heat, and the cold water flows near the coil and the temperature rises. One circulation is finished. Thus the temperature of water will gradually rise to the setting value by repeating the circulation process.

Technical Parameters
ModelCollectorAbsorb Area
Tank Capacity
Gross Weight with
Single Coil/ Double Coils
( kg)
Load Quantity 20'GP/40'GP/ 40'HG

The split solar water heating system is scientifically designed and it is very convenient to supply hot water. Natural and forced circulations are combined together, and the water temperature is adjustable. Also, the water feeding process is controlled automatically, and the high pressure hot water will come out if the valve is turned on. In addition, the heating program can be preset, and no other operation is required. The collector of this split solar water heating system is separated from the storage water tank, and it can be fixed with the building perfectly. Meanwhile, the water tank and the pump station can be placed anywhere in the house. With the separated structure, the solar heater can be applied by anyone no matter which floor he lives on. Furthermore, this solar water heater is able to work with other energy sources including gas water heater, electric water heater, and boiler, etc. Based on the superb performance, convenient installation, elegant appearance, and energy saving and environment friendly properties, our product is widely accepted by the building manufacturer, resident of high floor, villa and community resident, and is becoming more and more popular.

  • working under claudy or rainy day
  • working under sunny day

The split solar water heating system adopts solar collector to absorb solar energy and heat up the cold water. It is a well developed commercial heater with great economic value. Now we provide six models with various tank capacities which are 100L, 150L, 200L, 300L, 400L, and 500L, and each model is equipped with single coil or double coils. Furthermore, the absorber area and heater dimension are different depending on the coil quantity, and customer is able to make a choice according to the climate of the application region.

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