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Split solar water heating system is specially designed for the users who don't live on the top floor. The heat collector is separated from the water tank, and the collector is able to be mounted anywhere inside the house, flat roof and inclined roof are also acceptable. This heater consists of water tank with coil inside, heat collector, and working station which contains intelligent controller, WILO pump and expansion vessel. Our solar water heater exchanges heat on the basis of pump, and copper pipe is the heat conductor, and medium such as antifreeze liquid is used to transfer heat. The water doesn't flow through the vacuum tube, and the system works under high pressure. Magnesium bar is adopted to avoid corrosion. In addition, the automatic electric heater and automatic temperature control system are also equipped to guarantee the reliable performance.

Pressurized solar water heater allows various installation places of the collector including balcony, wall, inclined roof and many others, just like the air conditioner. Thus, it is possible and convenient for all the customers to use our product no matter which floor he lives on, and the application field is greatly widened. It is very difficult to combine the conventional type with buildings, and the scaling phenomenon in the vacuum tube is also a big trouble. However, the pressurized type solves these problems perfectly, and it has been accepted by the market and is becoming more and more popular. Solar water storage tank and split solar water heating system are available now, and please contact us via telephone or email if you are interested.

As a specialized split solar water heating system manufacturer and supplier in China, Jineng also offers preheated solar water heater, heat pipe vacuum tube , heat pipe solar collector, and more.

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