K Series Heat Pipe Solar Collector

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K Series Heat Pipe Solar Collector

K series heat pipe solar collector has passed Germany TUV test and gained the SOLAR KEYMARK certificate, so users in EU countries can acquire national allowance according to this certificate. It allows easy installation and the supporting frame can be fixed on inclined roof, flat roof and vertical wall. Our product has high heat efficiency as well. The vacuum tube is three target type with dimension of 58×1800mm, and the inner and outer materials of the manifold are red copper and aluminum alloy, respectively. In addition, the insulation material of K series collector is 25mm/50mm rock wool.

Technical Parameters
ConstructionHeat pipe evacuated tube solar collector
Number of Collector Pipes15182024
Tube Diameter (OD)Outer tube: 58mm, Inner tube: 47mm
Gross Area (m2)2.522.953.243.85
Aperture Area (m2)1.4141.691.842.259
Absorb Area (m2)1.3031.561.732.08
L×W×H (mm) 1963×1286 ×135 1963×1493 ×135 1963×1643 ×135 1963×1943 ×135
Weight (kg)4857.66476.8
Fluid Content (L)
Tilted Angle 45°
Maximum Working Temperature260℃
Heat Exchanger MaterialTU1
Maximum Operating Pressure12 bar
Test Pressure6 bar
Manifold Connection Diameter3/4 in.

K series heat pipe solar collector contains four models, JNSC-15, JNSC-18, JNSC-20 and JNSC-24, and they have 15, 18, 20 and 24 collector pipes respectively. In addition, the inner tube diameter of the four models is 47mm while the number of outer one is 58mm. TU1 is applied to manufacture the heat exchanger, and the diameter of the manifold connection is 3/4in. The tilted angle of this collector is 45° after mounted which allows better absorbance of the sunlight. Furthermore, the test pressure is 6bar and the maximum operation pressure is 12bar, and our product is able to use under the temperature of 260℃.

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