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A Series Heat Pipe Solar Collector

The A series heat pipe solar collector is scientifically designed, and the multifunctional frame can be fixed at different angles, and the frame can be adjusted from both up and bottom sides. This product can be mounted on flat roof, inclined roof and vertical wall.

Technical Parameters
ModelAbsorb Area
Dimension (m3)Loading Quantity

Our product has a newly designed head box with fashionable appearance. In addition, the head box and frame are both made of 2.0mm aluminum alloy, and the insulation material is 50mm rock wool. Three target tube is adopted and the collector has 14mm/20mm/24mm header heat pipe. Furthermore, the manifold connection size is 3/4in, and the 0.6Mpa pressure is acceptable.

Working Principle
Heat pipe series solar collector is connected with existing heating supply device. The selective absorb layer on the inner tube of A series heat pipe solar collector is designed to convert solar energy into heat energy, and the heat is transferred to heat pipe via aluminum fin. Then, the anti-freezing liquid in the heat pipe will evaporate into vapor and rises to the condenser. The heat transfer circulation is formed in this way and it will continuously heat the water as long as the collector is heated by the sun.

  • 1. Hot vapour rises to header
    2. Hot pipe tip
    3. Rock wool
    4. Cork sealing plug
    5. Copper heat pipe
    6. Aluminum fin
    7. Medium liquid
    8. Cooled vapour liquefies and returns to the bottom of pipe to repeat cycle

A series heat pipe solar collector is the key part of a solar water heater, and it is used to absorb dispersive solar energy and then converts the solar energy into heat. It is a solar power panel with simple structure and moderate cost, and it can bear high pressure. Furthermore, the collector has big absorb area, and it is an ideal product combining solar energy and architectural building. Seven models of the solar collector are available, and the specific parameters are different. The smallest absorb area is 0.87m2, and the collector only takes up a volume of 0.185m3. On the other hand, the biggest absorb area among these collectors is 2.6m2, and the volume is 0.423m3.

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