M Series Heat Pipe Solar Collector

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  • M Series Heat Pipe Solar Collector
  • M Series Heat Pipe Solar Collector
  • M Series Heat Pipe Solar Collector
Technical Parameters
ModelAbsorb Area (m2)L×W×H (mm)Dimension (m3)Loading Quantity

1. M series heat pipe solar collector applies vacuum tubes with mirror inside, and 20mm/24mm nickel-plated heat pipe header is also used. Meanwhile, thick insulation layer, 60mm rock wool, is adopted to supply better insulation property.
2. We use a specially designed plate to avoid the tube holder ageing phenomenon caused by long time exposure to ultraviolet.
3. This solar collector has higher heat efficiency than normal ones.
4. Newly designed manifold with artistic appearance is equipped.

As a heat collecting device, our M series heat pipe solar collector is designed to absorb and convert solar energy into heat, and then the heat is transferred to the heat conducting medium. This product contains 7 models and the length and height are all the same, and the specific values are 2080mm and 170mm, respectively. The minimum width is 88mm while the maximum width is 2380mm. This solar collector has high heat transfer efficiency with high pressure bearing and frost resisting properties, and the low temperature in the extremely cold region won't break the vacuum tube. In addition, the whole system is still able to work in spite of one broken tube.

Jineng is a professional M series heat pipe solar collector manufacturer based in China. We offer a broad range of products, including U-Pipe solar collector, split solar water heating system, compact integrated solar water heater, and more.

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