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Working Principle
U-Pipe solar collector bends a straight copper pipe to U-shape at a certain position, and two ends of the copper pipe are parallel with one end higher than the other. The collector consists of water channel for U-shape pipe, insulation layer, vacuum tube and frame, and it also contains U-shape copper pipe and metal sheet. When the collector is working, sunshine passes through the outer tube, and the inner tube is exposed to the sunlight. The aluminum fin is connected closely to the inner tube, and it transfers the heat absorbed by the vacuum tube to the U-shape copper pipe, and then the heat is transferred to the working medium by the copper pipe. As a result, the temperature of the working medium is becoming higher and higher, and then water in the tank is heated by absorbing heat transferred by the medium.

Technical Parameters
ModelAbsorb Area (m2)L×W×H (mm)Dimension (m3)Loading Quantity
JNSC-58-1800-10U0.871970× 88 ×1360.273104211249
JNSC-58-1800-12U1.041970×103 ×1360.31590183216

Detailed Information
Header Material: Red copper
Manifold Connection Size: 3/4 inch
Collector: Red copper with aluminum fin
Head Box Material: Aluminum alloy
Insulation Layer: Rock wool
Working Pressure: 0.6MPa

1. Rigid connection method is adopted by our U-Pipe solar collector, so the ageing and leakage phenomena caused by the silicone seal are avoided
2. The water doesn't flow through the vacuum tube, thus scaling problem is prevented. Furthermore, the heat collecting efficiency won't be reduced after long-time service.
3. The installation angle won't affect the mounting method, and this machine can be fixed horizontally or vertically which means that it can be hanged on the balcony as well.
4. Our product can be used as the non pressure type or pressurized type and the whole system is still able to work even if one vacuum tube is broken.
5. Forced heat transfer via liquid is achieved by the circulating pump, and the heat transfer efficiency is very high.
6. The solar collectors can be assembled together by series and parallel connections to form big scale heat collecting project.

Five models of U-Pipe solar collector are available now, and they have the same length and height whose specific values are 1970mm and 136mm, respectively. On the other hand, the width is different, and the numbers are 88mm, 103mm, 1268mm, 1493mm and 1643mm. Among these models, the smallest aperture area is 0.87m2 while the number of the biggest one can reach up to 1.73m2. JNSC-58-1800-10U takes up a volume of 0.273m3, and a 40'HG container can load 249 sets of this model while it can only load 136 sets of JNSC-58-1800-20U under the same condition.

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