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Solar Project mainly consists of non pressure solar headers, and it works with large water tank and circulating pump to form a heating project. Our product is mainly used for hotels, swimming pools and many other places. But the external environment should be suitable, such as the temperature should be above -20℃, and the water pressure should be below 50kPa, etc.

Our solar project is well developed and promoted, and it is accepted by the market now. We are dedicated to improving the quality and supporting facility of solar water heater to meet different requirements of customers. This product gains good reputation due to the energy-saving, safe, reliable and environment friendly properties. In addition, we have professional teams for design, installation, construction, debugging and after sale service, and the technique is well developed after years of production, thus the quality of our product is guaranteed.

Jineng is a China-based solar project provider. We offer various types of products such as solar collector, solar water heater, split solar water heating system, and vacuum tube.

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