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Haining Jineng Solar Energy Industry Company Ltd. is a solar thermal product manufacturer based in China. Since our establishment in 2003, we have specialized in the research, development, application, manufacture, and sales of a wide variety of solar energy products. After ten years of development, we are now a leading professional company in our field. With five categories and over 60 models, our primary solar thermal products include our vacuum tube, non pressure solar water heater, split solar water heating system, solar collector, and solar water heater repair parts.

We produce environmentally friendly products, manufactured with precision, care, and the finest quality materials. As the core component of each solar thermal product, our vacuum tube is used to absorb and convert solar energy into heat energy. We utilize an advanced 18-layer film vacuum coating technology in combination with nano and photon heat collecting techniques. Therefore, the molecular structure of the coating layer is enhanced, and the heat loss ratio is reduced. The working temperature of each tube ranges from -35℃to 300℃. In addition, the water tank on each of our solar water heater and other related products is also essential to the system. Durable color steel as well as stainless steel are utilized in the production of the outer tank. The inner tank material is imported, food-grade SUS304-2B stainless steel, creating bath water as clean as purified drinking water. Meanwhile, we also use 316L stainless steel in the production of our solar water heating system, solar collector and other products because of its highly corrosion resistant properties that are essential for countries with poor water quality. Furthermore, the inner tank of each product is soldered using argon-arc welding and high-frequency pulse welding, helping to ensure that no chemical changes occur at the welded joint.

The welding material utilized in the production of our solar thermal product is self-melting, and the soldering surface is smooth, thus ensuring the long service life of each product. In addition, high quality polyurethane is used in the insulating layer, and, depending on the temperature of the different regions in which our products are used, 50-60mm polyurethane is entirely distributed throughout the product by mechanical means. This foaming layer is processed with a second ripening, guaranteeing the stability of the insulating layer. It can keep the water hot for over 72 hours, which allows for normal use during the winter. Furthermore, in each galvanized steel and aluminum alloy frame, we use a hydraulic mold, electrostatic coating, and solidification under high temperature processes. Therefore, each frame is durable, has an artistic appearance, and can be used for different models of solar water heaters.

At Jineng, we focus on the innovation and quality improvement of our products as well as the quality management of our company. We employ highly qualified specialists so that we are able to research and develop new solar water heater, solar collector and other products independently. With the help of advanced equipment such as our automatic NC punching machine, fully-automatic punch press with multi mould, automatic welding machine, high pressure foaming machine, and various inspection equipment, the high production efficiency, superior quality, and reliable stability of our solar thermal products are guaranteed.

Our company is in the Haining economic and technical development zone in the Yangtze River Delta, where many solar energy product enterprises are located. In addition, our company is 100km from Shanghai Port and 120km from Ningbo Port. This advantageous location enables us to transport our products quickly, conveniently, and cost-effectively. That is one reason why in recent years, our sales have continued to increase.

Enterprise History
1. In 1992, we registered the Jineng trademark.
2. In 1996, we established our processing factory.
3. In 1998, the first line of Jineng solar water heater products was developed.
4. In 1999, our product was the forerunner in the environmentally-friendly trend in the Chinese market.
5. In 2000, we were honored as a China Well-Known Brand by the China Famous Brand Promotion Center.
6. In 2001, Jineng received the National Qualified Product award from the China Quality Inspection Association.
7. In 2002, we were named as a Qualified Product by China Solar Water Heater Quality Inspection and Detection Center.
8. In 2003, we established the new manufacturing site of Haining Jineng Solar Energy Industry Company Ltd.
9. In 2004, we obtained the Recommended Energy-Saving Product award from the China Construction Engineering Association.
10. In 2005, Jineng received the title of Quality Guaranteed and National Qualified Product by the China Light Industry Products Quality Guarantee Center.
11. In 2006, we created our intelligent NC production line with an annual capacity of 100,000 units.
12. In 2007, our products were exported to the international market.
13. In 2008, our production park was enlarged and the research of more advanced products was carried out. Our production capacity was also enhanced.
14. In 2009, Jineng applied for the EN12975 test.
15. In 2010, our solar collector passed the German TUV test and gained the SOLAR KEYMARK certificate.
16. In 2011, the gross value of the foreign market accounted for over 80% of our annual sales, which was at the top of the solar water heater industry.
17. In 2012, we continue to develop, and we are eager to serve even more international clients.