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Installation Knowledge
What should I care about when mounting solar water heater for a single building?
This is the best type for mounting the heater. The pipes can be fixed on the outside of walls, and pipes used for hot water should be introduced to the restrooms on every floor. Meanwhile, the water tower should be 1 meter higher than our water tank, and thermal insulating pipes should be adopted as well. In addition, the heater must be well mounted to avoid the damage caused by typhoon.

What are the key points for the decoration of a new house if the owner wants to use a solar water heater?
Usually, users just need to take the inlet of hot water pipe and the outlet pipe into account. If you select electric heater and control cabinet, the locations of switch and control cabinet should also be considered. The outdoor installation location should be agreed by the supplier and user, meanwhile, property management company and neighbor's opinions should be taken into consideration as well.

What are the best choices for water pipe and overflow pipe?
The water temperature can reach up to 95℃, thus high quality polyethylene-aluminum composite pipeline should be applied to prevent the ageing and softening phenomena of the material.

Would the roof be crushed down because of the water in the water tank?
Normally, roof is designed with the consideration of loading capacity, and usually it can bear 150kg/m2, and the solar water heater is able to be fixed on this kind of roof. If it is soft roof that can't bear so much weight, reinforcement process should be done.

How is the installation frame fixed?
Several methods are available including cement, expansion bolt and steel wire rope, and the best method is chosen and applied according to the condition of the roof.

Would the water proof layer be destroyed if expansion bolts are applied?
If the roof only allows installation method of expansion bolt, the water proof layer may be damaged. Under this situation, extra water proof project should be carried out.

Is the solar water heater typhoon-proof?
The wind resisting property is greatly improved due to the removal of reflecting plate, and the heater is fixed firmly with the roof when installation which makes it typhoon-proof. If it is full of water, the wind resisting property will be better.

Is lightning protection necessary during installation?
1. Before installation, the lightning rod near the heater needs to be heightened, and it should be 0.5m higher than the top of the heater. Meanwhile, the water tan must be earthed.
2. The water outlet in the house must connect to the ground wire.
3. Don't use the solar water heater if it is thunderstorm.

Usage Knowledge
Is there anything to pay attention to during its service?

1. Please care about the water feeding time.
2. Water capacity should be identified according to the weather, thus the water temperature will be OK when taking a shower.
3. Check the heater pipelines, air vent and other components regularly.
4. In the serious air pollution area, windy, sandy and dry regions, the vacuum tube needs to be cleaned regularly.
5. After installation, don't move, assemble or dismantle the machine in case of damaging the components unless you are a professional.

How to identify if the water tank is full of water?
Usually, the solar water heater is equipped with overflow pipe, thus the water level condition can be judged by the overflow pipe. If there is water in this pipe, the water is full. In addition, water level controller can be equipped as well, and the warning message will be sent under the condition that the tank is filled with water.

When is the best time to feed water in the tank?
If there is no water in the vacuum tube, the temperature inside the tube can reach up to about 250℃, and the vacuum tube will burst if you add water at this time. So the water must be added before sunrise or half an hour after sunset if no water in the tank or the first time of water feeding.

Would the solar water heater do damage to human body? What should I do to guarantee the safety?
First, you need to be careful to prevent the hot water from burning the skin. In the recent two years, several users have been burnt in China. The victims thought that the water would not be too hot, but in fact, the water temperature is usually above 80℃ in summer. At the beginning of taking shower, the cold water stored in the pipe will flow out, and once the hot water arrives, the temperature will rise to 80℃ suddenly, and the user may be burnt. Second, the heater should be well fixed to avoid the blowing off from the roof caused by the typhoon.

Would the solar water heater be damaged if the water is not used for a long time?
The machine has high heat efficiency, and in summer sunny days, the water will reach the boiling point in less than two days. If the hot water is not used for a long time, such as the user is out for a business trip or a tour, the water tank will be under high temperature and high pressure constantly, thus the ageing of seal ring will be promoted, and polyurethane will also age and shrink rapidly. Sometimes, the air vent channel is blocked, and the high pressure will lead to the expansion of the tank. In addition, scaling problem will occur too, thus the service life of the water tank is shortened. So, if you will be out of house for a long period, someone should be arranged to let go the hot water and add cold water, or you can put shelter above the vacuum tube heat collectors to avoid sunshine, and remove the shelter when you come back.

Is the hot water suitable for bath if it is kept for several days?
Usually, it is pretty hot if the water is not used for days, and the temperature is above 70℃. In summer sunny days, the water will get to the boiling point in 2 days, and the temperature will falls down in the night, thus the water is kept at the temperature of 60-70℃ for a long time. This temperature range is very suitable for the growth of bacteria in water. So this kind of hot water is of bad quality with lots of bacteria, and it can't be used for shower or drink. It is harmful to your skin, and dermal disease will be induced after long time usage of this kind of water.

Why the solar water heater should be used frequently?
Once the heater is installed, it should be used frequently, and 4-5 times per day is highly recommended, and the interval should be within 4 hours. The reasons are as follows.
1. For the users who live on the low floors, the water that you use is actually the relatively cold water especially in northern winter, because the hot water flows through cold pipes. The ambient temperature is low and sometimes it can be as low as -25℃, and the water in the pipes will get cold very fast. Ground floor user of a six-floor building needs to let go one washbasin of water before the hot water arrives which wastes too much water, and the situation will be improved if the heater is frequently used.
2. If it is often used, the hot water will flow through the pipes, and with the help of insulating layer, the pipes won't be frozen. In the northern winter of China, many users open the valve of the heater which allows hot water drop slowly, and in this way, the frozen problem is prevented.

Does the water in tank need to be released in winter?
No. The water in the tank contains heat, and the more water existing, the more heat it contains. If the water is released, water existed in the vacuum tube is still there with less heat, thus frozen phenomenon occurs easily.

How to use the solar water heater in winter?
In winter, the sunlight intensity is low, and the time is short, also the ambient temperature is very low, so the water possibly won't reach the setting temperature within the water adding day. Under this condition, the water in the tank should be controlled, or the electric or gas heating systems need to be started.

Daily Problems
Why there is no hot water?

1. Vacuum tube is broken, and you need to replace the broken ones.
2. Water leakage phenomenon exists in the pipes, valves or connectors of the outlet pipes, so the pipe needs to be checked.
3. The tap water possessed too high pressure which stops the flowing out of hot water, and you just need to turn down the water flow.
4. The solar water heater supplies hot water from many pipes, and hot water designed to come out from this pipe may flow into other pipes. Under this condition, you need to install separated valves, and close the valves that don't need hot water.
5. If automatic assistant tank is equipped, this problem may caused by the failure of floating ball in the assistant tank, and the cold water is added constantly, thus the water temperature is lowered. So, the floating ball and relevant components need to be replaced.

Why does the water leakage phenomenon occur?
1. Vacuum tube is broken, and the broken ones need to be changed.
2. Seal ring is broken or lax, and you should replace it.
3. The welding joint of the inner tank or the supporting welding line of heat exchanger cracks, and you need to change the tank.
4. The overflow pipe is blocked which leads to the shrinkage of the water tank, and a new tank needs to be equipped.
5. Something is wrong with the valve which is used to adjust the water temperature inside the house, and the valve should be turned to one end.
6. The water pressure is too high in the water feeding pipe which causes the lax close of the automatic valve, and pressure reducing valve needs to be equipped.
7. Excess material is in the electric heating hole, and it should be cleaned.
8. Other components break down, and you need to check the components.

Why the tank of common solar water heater will burst or shrivel?
Common solar water heater has low pressure bearing property, and it usually has one air vent. If something blocks the air vent or the air vent is too small, the pressure relief function won't be efficiently played during water feeding and supplying. Or the local water pressure is too high, and the water flow exceeds the circulation capacity of the air vent. These problems will all make the tank burst or shrivel. In addition, there are other reasons. For example, bad thermal insulating property will lead to the frozen of the air vent in winter, and when exposed to the hot steam for a long time, the materials of overflow pipe and air vent will soften to block the vent.

What should I do if the temperature rises too slowly caused by the low power of the electric heater?
Now the total power capacity is restricted in many countries, and the electric heater equipped with solar water heater is designed in accordance with the specific condition, and the low temperature rise problem can be solved by preheating. The heater is integrated with temperature controller, and the high water temperature or other potential danger is prevented. If water temperature control device is equipped, the machine can be set at automatic heating mode (temperature or time).

Cleaning and Maintenance
Solar water heater is a water heating device by absorbing solar energy, and it is an essential machine for daily lift because it saves time, electricity and energy source. But the customers usually know little about how to clean and maintain it. Cleaning the solar water heater is more than a hygiene habit, it can also prolong its service life. If you don't clean the machine frequently, the value in use will reduced, and it may bring about unnecessary troubles such as burst, water leakage and so on. Here is the list of advantages of regularly cleaning.
1. Shorten the heat time.
2. The hot water storage ability will become "larger and larger".
3. Electricity-saving.
4. Your skin is in better protection without the impurities in water.
5. If you don't clean the machine, heat in the vacuum tube can't be transferred out due to scaling, thus explosion may take place.

But, how to clean the solar water heater? The procedure is as follows.
1. Open the water inlet of the machine.
2. Put the descaling agent into the water tank.
3. The thermal circle should be carried out automatically for 20~30 minutes, thus the descaling agent touches every corner.
4. Open the water outlet pipe to exhaust the cleaning agent.
5. Add water into the tank until it is full, and then circulate for 2 minutes.
6. Exhaust the water, and the cleaning job is finished.

When it comes to the maintenance, users will get more and more familiar with the methods after long time use.
1. During the bath, if it appears that the hot water is run out but you haven't finished your bath, you can add some cold water, and the cold water goes down while hot water floats up, thus the hot water in the vacuum tube is out, and you can finish your bath. In addition, if some hot water is left after shower, you can add some cold water. According to the above principle, the hot water will be enough for another shower.
2. The water adding amount relies on the weather. If tomorrow is sunny, you can add water until the tank is full. Cloudy, half of the volume is appropriate. Rainy, don't add water.
3. Under the condition that half of the tank is still filled with hot water with nearly 70℃ after your shower in the night, you can add cold water to prevent the heat loss because the loss is very fast if the water is very little. Also, the amount of water added depends on the weather. If tomorrow is sunny, you can add water to full. If tomorrow is cloudy or rainy, 2/3 of the tank is enough.

Common Failures
Why the water is not hot in sunny days?

1. There are shelters above the heater such as trees and buildings. You need to remove the shelters or choose another place to install the machine.
2. The water feeding valve is lax, and cold water squeezes the hot water in water tank out. The valve needs to be tightened or replaced.
3. Scaling phenomenon occurs in the vacuum tube, and you need to eliminate the dirt.
4. The local air is badly polluted, and dust is on the surface of the vacuum tube. Under this condition, you just need to scrub the tube.
5. Very occasionally, too much sand deposits in the vacuum tube and the heat collection and circulation will be influence. This is seen in the area where water contains too much sand and other sediment. In this case, you should dismantle the machine, and wash it by the descaling agent and clean water.

Why the water temperature changes irregularly?
It is caused by the high and unstable water pressure in the water tank. In this case, you can add an assistant water tank on the roof. Thus, it can store and add cold water, and stabilize the water pressure. On the other hand, automatic temperature adjust valve can be equipped to solve this problem, too.

Why there is no water in the overflow pipe?
This may be caused by the blocking or falling off of the pipeline and connector, and broken vacuum tube is also a suspicious reason. So, you need to check, repair or replace the pipeline or vacuum tube, clean the dirt and link the connector.

Why water leaks at the wind ring?
The seal ring in the inner tank is damaged and you need to buy a new one.

Why hot water can't flow out in winter?
1. Water feeding and supplying pipe might be frozen or leaky, please check the pipes to take further actions such as unfreezing the pipes.
2. There is no insulating layer for the outdoor pipe, or the connection of the insulating material is loose. So, you need to do the insulating work for the pipe. In addition, the electric heater is turned off and it is also a potential reason. In this case, you just need to turn on the electric heater.
3. The air vent is lax, and the valve should be changed.
4. The anti-freezing device is lax, and you need to replace it.
5. The air leaks at the syphon, and please check the connector of the syphon.

At this time, the dealer should do the thermal insulation work to the pipes, or the pipes need to be heated by the electric anti-freezing ribbon or plate. In addition, there are some skills in using this machine. First, you'd better evacuate the tank after the usage in night, and feed the water the next morning. Second, in cold days, the hot water supply valve should be turned on to prevent the water from freezing. Now, the manufacturers pay much more attention to the normal performance in winter, and the solar water heater is becoming more and more efficient in winter.

Whenever there is a problem with the main machine, auxiliary electric heater, or other electric heating ribbon, you should ask professionals for help.