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At present, our products are divided into several categories including solar water heater, solar collector, pressurized solar water heater, and non pressure solar project .

The solar water heater mainly contain non pressure type, preheating type, and integrated pressurized type, and they are usually applied to household use, such as shower water and kitchen water used in winter. Meanwhile, the three heaters can also be assembled together to form a project such as the project designed for residents in one building. The solar collector is also designed mainly for household use, but it can bear high water pressure which makes it very popular in the countries with high water pressure. In addition, the collectors are able to connect with each other to make a heating project, and with the help of existing large water tank, this project can supply hot water service for the places with many people, like hotel and swimming pool, etc. On the other hand, the pressurized solar water heater is mainly used to provide hot water for the family with high water pressure, and it can be also used to heat up the room. Furthermore, the non pressure solar project is affordable, and it is usually applied to large construction which is in great need of hot water, such as hotel and swimming pool, etc.

As a professional solar water heater company, we take our customers' feedback information into account, and then design and manufacture our products that meet various requirements in different countries. New product is also developed constantly to take up more market share. Based on the differences in performance, heat efficiency, function and working principle, we have developed 4 categories of heat collectors with many models. Meanwhile, our customers' advice is highly appreciated, and we will take your advice into consideration to make our product satisfy different users around the world.