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Uniform Installed Project for Community

The cold water flows into the water tank and this behavior is adjusted by the water level control cabinet, and then the solar energy is convert into heat energy by the absorbing layer of the vacuum tube, thus, the cold water is heated up. With the help of temperature sensor equipped inside the water tank and the display screen, users can learn about the specific temperature of the hot water. So, if the water temperature is suitable for a bath, you can turn on the valve, and enjoy the shower. In addition, electric heater is designed to heat the water in rainy days. With simple structure, our product is suitable for common users and residents in the community who don't have restrict demand for hot water amount and quality.

Series and Parallel Connected Project
This system combines many household solar water heaters together via series and parallel connection method, and the working principle is nearly the same as the former one, uniform installed project for community. The hot water will be distributed to the tank of every single machine, and an automatic auxiliary electric heater is set in the water tank, thus the hot water will be in supply at any time of the year. For the small scale project, the cost is relatively low and the installation is fast and convenient. Also, it is easy to control the system, and the maintenance is facile. So, this project is applicable for the collective hot water supply, and it is widely adopted by community, school, office, factory and many other places.

Flat Roof
1. The solar water heater is mounted on the flat surface of the building roof by a flush installation method, and it combines with the building perfectly without influencing the total appearance.
2. It won't be damaged by strong wind, and it is safe and reliable.
3. Our product allows convenient installation and it can be placed on the flat surface after assembly. The solar water heater is fixed on the peak of the roof, so the hot water supply for the rooms of the south and north is guaranteed.

Over Roof Ridge
The water tank lies on the top of the roof ridge, and the solar water heater can be fixed with the ridge by supporting frame if the ridge is reinforced concrete, and the heater is just one water tank higher than the ridge. The roof ridge is the acme, and the inlet and outlet pipes access to the kitchen and restroom through the northern slope. In addition, the lightning construction of the ridge should be higher than the water tank.

Slope Roof

1. The solar water heater fits the roof better, and it is safer with better wind resisting property.
2. Our product is in coordination with the building color, and the heater color is adjustable according to our customer's request.
3. The vacuum tube specifications meet the requirements of different roofs, also the heat collectors can be arranged in single row or double rows.
4. The solar water heater is very close to the roof, thus it can act as the thermal insulating layer for the roof as well, and the insulating property of the building is improved.

Large Area Solar Water Heating Project by Connecting Collectors
Working Principle and Features of Constant Temperature Cycle

The water level control cabinet is in charge of the cold water, and when the cold water adds to the heater, the absorbing layer of the vacuum tube can absorb and convert the solar energy into heat, thus the cold water is warmed up and the hot water will be gathered and stored in the water tank at last. The auxiliary electric heater is equipped in the water tank, and it won't work unless the water temperature in the tank is lower than the setting value. The electric heater will heat the water to the setting value and then it will stop the heating process automatically. In this way, hot water will be at your service at any time of the year. This project is safe and reliable, and it is very suitable for the places that in great need of hot water.

Working Principle and Features of Differential Temperature Cycle
1. The heat collecting system adopts differential temperature cycle method, and the temperature sensors are set in the collector and water tank, respectively. The sensors will send the detected water temperature signals back to the control system, and if the temperature difference between the collector and tank is bigger than the setting point, the circulation pump is activated by the control system, and the cold water in the tank will flow into the heat collector while the hot water in the collector will flow into the water tank, thus one circulation is finished. So, cold water in the tank will be heated up gradually.
2. The control system allows the intelligent display of water temperature and water level. Also, automatic water feeding and automatic temperature control are available. In addition, temperature probes are set at the places where the ice is formed easily, and the circulation pump will be activated if the temperature is lower than the setting value. Then, hot water in the tank will flow through this position to raise the temperature, thus, the freezing phenomenon is prevented.
3. There is a temperature probe at the hot water supplying pipe, and under the condition that the temperature here is higher than the setting value, the circulation pump will be activated automatically, and the hot water in the pipe will flow into the collector, and the hot water is always in service.
4. The system is intelligent, and it is automatically controlled. Adding or changing some functions of the system is also available according to the application requirements.